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Refresh of the National Participation Standards

The Participation Standards, developed originally by the Participation Unit, have been refreshed by a partnership between Youth Forum workers and Young Wales, informed by consultations with young people.

The Participation Standards can be seen here: Children and Young People’s National Participation Standards.

The Participation Standards identify the key issues that all workers should be aware of when working with children and young people in Wales. The working group that undertook the work, reviewed each of the seven standards and ensured that each one reflected the rights based ethos that is integral to working with children and young people.  Children in Wales

Funding to help Young People Show Racism the Red Card

The funding will enable Show Racism the Red Card to run 10 educational events at football, rugby and cricket clubs across Wales. Around 600 young people will benefit from the events, which will promote anti-racism messages and tackle homophobic bullying.  The sessions will also emphasise how sport can help people overcome personal difficulties and support their well-being, using the stories of sporting stars as inspiration.  Show Racism the Red Card

Physical Literacy – A Journey Through Life

The clock is ticking; we want every child to be happy, healthy and confident, both now and for their future.  Unfortunately without the right skills, confidence and motivation to be physically active, the chances of this are far less likely.

That is why we want every child to be physically literate, it is as important to a young person’s future as reading and writing.  It means that a child will take part in sport and physical activity throughout life, allowing them to stay healthy, but also providing lots of other benefits and opportunities.

To help our children become physically literate, we all need to act now. Each and everyone one of us has a part to play in helping a child discover what they can do, before they give up and turn into couch potatoes. Sport Wales - Physical Literacy  -  Physical Activity for Life - infographic

U-Report UK

How does U-Report work?

Young people over the age of 13 can sign up by messaging ‘join’ to U-Report on Facebook or by following @UReportUK on Twitter. They’ll need to register by answering a few simple questions.

Once they sign up, they’ll receive weekly poll questions on a range of issues, which they can respond to on their phone or computer. When they respond, their answers will appear instantly on U-Report’s UK website, which collates and showcases the views of young people across the country. It means they can see their answers in real time, and see how their friends are responding.

U-Report is free, anonymous and easy to use. 

Through U-Report, young people will be able to add their voices to campaigns on things like protecting unaccompanied refugee children in the UK to the impact of climate change on children. They’ll be able to hold decision-makers to account and have their say on policies that affect them by giving local authorities feedback on services or commenting on policy proposals that would affect them. There’ll even be opportunities for U-Reporters to come together and set the weekly poll question, allowing them to gather information to support and bolster their own campaigning.

The pilot, will test how U-Report can be of greatest benefit to children in the UK and hopes to engage thousands of young people in a live test period, giving them an opportunity to try out U-Report and feedback on its role in the longer term.

Share U-Report with young people aged 13–25! They can sign up by messaging JOIN to U-Report UK on Facebook, or by following on Twitter @UReportUK.    Find out more about U-Report UK

Young Volunteers

If you are between 14 and 25 years old and are currently volunteering or thinking about it, there is lots of information and advice out there for you. Volunteering is about making a difference in your community and being an important part of it, so of course it is about what you can do for your community. But it is also about what you can get from the experience.


GwirVol (www.gwirvol.org) is an initiative for young people aged 14-25. Volunteering Wales/Young Volunteers 


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