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St John Cymru Wales

Young people are our future, and St John Cymru Wales is proud to provide many opportunities and development programmes for individuals aged between 5-25 years old.  These programmes help teach vital lifesaving first aid skills, provide a place to create friendships and opportunities for lots of exciting new challenges.  St John Cymru Wales is a major youth organisation, with over half of our 4,500 volunteers under the age of 18. Individuals can sign up to be a Badger or a Cadet, and many of our older members move on to become Youth Leaders, playing a crucial role in the development of our young people.

Welcome to Wales' Year of Legends 2017

2017 is Wales’ Year of Legends – an opportunity to celebrate the past, present and future by bringing the past to life like never before, with attractions, events and activities at legendary locations across Wales.  The aim is to create new Welsh legends, immerse visitors in our epic story, and make new legendary experiences.  2017 Year of Legends

AGENDA Resource

Agenda is a resource aimed at schools and youth clubs in Wales. Its aim is to tackle issues like gender equality, gender based violence, and sexual harassment in schools.

It promotes healthy relationships and provides creative ideas for young people to talk and learn about these issues in their school or youth club.

It’s available for free here

Stonewall survey for LGBT young people

The survey is about what life in Wales is like as a lesbian, gay, bi or trans (LGBT) young person. There are questions across different areas, for example about young people’s social and school life, plans for the future, inspiring role models, and other things about their life. The information we get from the survey will be written up as the third edition of The School Report and published in the summer of 2017.   LGBT? Aged 11-19? @StonewallCymru wants to hear your views www.stonewallcymru.org.uk/cymru-survey

The link to the survey is at www.stonewallcymru.org.uk/cymru-survey where there is also more information for young people about taking part. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 020 2023 7744.

Young people living with self-harm find a “Buddy” in new support and advice website

Young people from Monmouthshire and health professionals have developed a valuable website offering support and advice for those living with self-harm.  Entitled Buddy, the new resource meets a need for an online outlet offering information, guidance, therapeutic tools and options that young people can access at all times.  It provides confidential support and techniques to help deal with negative thoughts and feelings associated with self-harm and reassures those experiencing difficult times that they are not alone.  To find out more and get help from Buddy – go to buddyapp.monmouthshire.gov.uk WELCOME TO BUDDY - Buddy

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