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Securing Wales' Future - Brexit

Securing Wales’ Future Moving from the European Union to a new relationship with Europe

In June 2016 there was a vote:  Do we want to stay part of the European Union (EU) or leave?

A majority of people in the UK voted ‘leave’.


  • The Single Market

Having a Single Market makes buying and selling (trading) between EU countries much easier.


  • Moving to Wales

People move between EU countries for work and study.


  • Funding

Countries pay to be a member of the EU and also receive funding from the EU.

We get about £680 million in EU funding each year.

The amount of funding Wales gets from the EU is more than we pay in.


  • Welsh Government powers

Wales has its own government. We work to improve the lives of people in Wales.


  • Protections for people and the environment

The UK has been part of the EU for more than 40 years.  There are lots of laws and policies that have been good for Wales.


  • Avoiding disruption

Leaving the EU isn’t simple.  There’s a part of EU law called Article 50.  It gives any EU country the right to leave.  It also sets out how to leave.


  • Next steps

We’re going to keep you updated on our plans to leave the EU.


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